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Thread: Kettle.ERROR_0014 with change to job

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    Default Kettle.ERROR_0014 with change to job

    Kettle.ERROR_0014 - Error occurred during transformation execution (on BI Platform 1.2, probably from Kettle Component).

    Hey all,
    I have a job that runs correctly. I added a Javascript Eval step on the job level, and if the eval returns 'true', it works fine. When false, it throughts the above error (but still finishes fine).

    The step before is a Transformation that (should) only return one row with one value.

    var result = false;
    if(rows != null){
    if(rows[0] != null){
    if (rows[0].getInteger("HAS_KEY", -1) == 1){
    result = true;

    When eval true, does a 2nd transformation. When eval false, no steps.
    Tried adding a Dummy step for an eval false route, didn't help. Linked the 2nd transformation to that same Dummy step to 'close' the loop, no difference.

    Any ideas as to why adding this Eval step would cause the above error? BI platform 1.2, Kettle 2.5.1-SNAPSHOT (was happening on 2.5.0 as well).


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    You're probably right about the Kettle component (didn't find the error message in PDI itself)... I'm more of a standalone Kettle guy, so if you don't get another answer here ... I suppose you know the drill ... JIRA


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    Default any solution ?

    Same here on BI 2.0 Stable,
    When any step in job returns false the BI resolve this as error and throws exception of KettleComponent.
    How this should be resolved ?


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