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Thread: Detail Auditing options

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    Default Detail Auditing options

    Hey all,
    I've reviewed and implemented for auditing some existing jobs and transformations.

    However, I think it may be insufficiently detailed when it comes to diagnostics related to performance issues within a Transformation -- particularly when the Transformation is running in different environments (for instance, 1k record duplicate checking vs 1million record duplicate checking was a scenario I just ran into).

    Are there any options or future plans to log LINES_READ/OUT/etc start-date/end-date for each STEP in a transformation (and possibly records/second and total time, although it could be derived)?

    The existing STEP logging in Spoon is sufficient, but not sure how to access it outside of Spoon (such as when running within the Pentaho BI Platform).

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    Log a JIRA tracker... first priority I think is getting 3.0 stable enough.


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    I'll make a JIRA entry soon -- want to make sure it wasn't something that is already solved (as it is within Spoon) and I just do not know how to pull it off.

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    I was planning to do this some day, even with charts, database logging and everything, but it's not going to happen in 3.0. So it will be a 2008 target I guess.

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