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Thread: What is 'workflow'?

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    Default What is 'workflow'?

    What is the intent of this Forum?

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    Default i wanna know this question too

    i wann know this question too,What hell is this intent of this forum???


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    dmoran Guest


    When we first stated Pentaho, we identified integration with workflow engines as critical to building complete solutions to BI problems. We integrated the Enhydra Shark workflow engine into the platform. It works nicely but complicated the simple cases of reporting and analysis. We built the Action Sequence runtime, a mini task orchistrator, into the platform in order to solve the majority of simple use cases customers and community have.

    After doing that, it seemed that very few people actually cared about using the full blown workflow engine. Since we are community driven, the whole workflow side has been put on the back burner due to lack of interest.

    I suspect that as the platform matures, and we have things like dashboard designers, chart designers, report server etc, we will eventually focus back on workflow. We debated on closing the workflow forum until such time, but decided to keep it for anyone interested in workflow to get the ball rolling again.


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    So would the intent be specifically with regards to the Shark workflow, or is the intent to discuss integration with other workflow/BPM/ESB engines?

    When I think integration, I envision from a high-level, as in a single BPEL/jBPM step that calls a Pentaho Suite xaction and returns the result (the report, the ETL dataset, simple success/failure, etc).

    The choice to simplify Shark to just the existing Action Sequence was a great move, making it a lot easier to get jumpstarted without having to become experts in many varying technologies (especially if someone comes in with previous workflow engine experience that may contradict Shark's approach - just using the Action Sequence is easy).

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