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Thread: Return large CSV file AdHocQuery

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    Default Return large CSV file AdHocQuery

    I am using the release candidate 1.5.6 - I cannot seem to return more than a few thousand records with the AdHocQuery interface. I run out of memory or it grinds to a halt.

    At first I was using the oracle driver which has a memory problem with scrollable resultsets and large amounts of data. I am now evaluating Data Direct's JDBC driver that will write the data to disk. Seems to work well but is very expensive (more than Pentaho!). - If anybody has another driver suggestion for Oracle I would appreciate it.

    I can process lots of data via MQL but when I try to use AdHocQuery the server grinds to a halt. I am assuming this is a JFreeReport issue, I guess it could be the output component.

    Is this typical with JFreeReport? I just want to retrun a simple csv file o the caller. What is the best way to do this?

    Is there anyway to limit the number of records returned by the AdHocQuery? Originally there seemed to be a mql.xaction associated with this but in the latest release that has dissapeared. Where is the AdHocQuery configuration?

    Can I change the output type of my ActionSequences? It seems like HTTPOutputHandler is always used and the output type is hardcoded to text/html. Also it limits the data to 100 rows and puts everything in a stringbuffer. I just want to stream the results back to the caller. unfortunately i see very little documentation.


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    Did you ever get an answer to you question? We are also trying to figure out if there is any way to limit the number of records returned from an ad-hoc query.

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