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Thread: repository explorer closes when a job or transform is selected

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    Default repository explorer closes when a job or transform is selected

    Is there a reason why the repository explorer 'dialog' is coded to close (i.e., dispose itself) when a job (or transform) is 'opened'?

    I have implemented changes so that
    (a) the repository explorer window is not a child of the spoon 'shell' but of the 'display'
    (so the relative z-order of the windows can be changed)
    (b) the repository explorer 'calls-back' with the object selected so that it can be opened but does
    not close itself.
    (c) the invoker of the repository explorer dialog provides a call back function which does exactly
    what it did with the return value of the dialog and just ignores the return value now.

    Everything seems to work - am i missing something?
    I don't think there are any db connection/transaction gotchas.

    Does this seem to be a worthwhile change?
    I just found that when i had to make changes to a number of transforms that it was very annoying for the explorer dialog to keep closing.

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    Don't know... try opening a job, closing it in spoon and then reopening it in the explorer (without closing it first).


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