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Thread: MS Access Output problems

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    Default MS Access Output problems

    Dear all,

    I'm using the MsAccess output but I need to understand better the following functionalites:
    Shall I use the create table function alone without creating the database every time ? It seems that it's not possible becouse the flag is disactivated once you enter a new time.

    I need to use the same database and add to it several tables. If I run the different trasformation (each one for one table) using spoon it seems that the only table available is the last one.
    I decided later to run manually each trasformation but kettle do everything correctly but it doesn't write the records (only read). There is a meaning on it ?

    Is it possible to use a kind of function who ask you if you would like to cancel all records on ms access table before to import data or on the other hand if you want to append the new data to the old records of the table ?

    Thanks so much

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    I'm not familiar with that step, it's one of Samatar's babies ;-) ... but I think the answer to your last question "currently not".


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