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Thread: How to design version independent report just like steelwheel example

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    Default How to design version independent report just like steelwheel example


    I desinged a report using pentaho 1.2 GA Report desinger, same repor i published in pentaho 1.5.4 it working fine, same report i published in pentaho 1.5.5,pentaho 1.6 RC-1 it not working.
    Throwing exceptions like "Unable parse xml"

    Where as steel wheel examples are working in all version of pentaho

    I checked out the **.xml of steel wheel and my report

    both are in differenct formats as well as DTD names

    <parser-config></parser-config> node child elements are differ form steel wheel **.xml and my **.xml

    Can anbody help me .... Which version of pentaho desinger used for Steel Wheel reports. or else how can i over come this issue why because in feature if pentaho release new version in that also my report should work properly without changing any single tag or code.

    Please help me...!

    BI Developer

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    as said in a different thread: This is a bug. Post your report that does not work, and we make the engine accept it again. But as usual: Without a bug report that tells me more than just a "it does not work" I cant tell what went wrong and therefore I cant fix it.

    Have fun,
    said Thomas
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