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Thread: can't save null db passwd in repository

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    Default can't save null db passwd in repository

    I have a transformation built that validates fine, and the database connection test is ok as well. I can connect to the database that my transformation is supposed to update, browse records, etc.

    My root password for this database is null. When I save the transformation to the repository it defaults some kind of password (I can see the line of ******). When I test the connection from the repository, it fails and says access denied, invalid password for user root. I can change it on-line to be null, then re-test the connection and it succeeds. As soon as I save it again, it reverts to the line of ****** and then causes the database connection (and the transformation) to fail.


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    Interesting ... that your "root" password is empty and that you use root to extract data... short term give it a password. Longer term if you want to, raise a tracker at


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