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Thread: Table Output to MySQL5 creates "INSERT INTO" SQL syntax error

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    Default Table Output to MySQL5 creates "INSERT INTO" SQL syntax error


    I use

    Spoon 2.3.0 and MySQL 5.0.45.
    DB-Connection is type MySQL Native(JDBC)

    A "Table Output" created the db-table properly, using the SQL-button.

    When starting the transformation to fill the table, I get an error

    "Error inserting row"
    "you have an error in your SQL syntax; check...MySQL.. near..

    The full logging says that Spoon fired this command:
    INSERT INTO dbname(col1,col2) VALUES (12, 'haha')

    And this is definitely wrong - the blank is missing after dbname.

    I verified this by copy/paste into SQL query browser - add a blank and it works!

    Is MySQL 5 special, does it need special settings somewhere or is it unsupported ?



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    I doubt whether you're right... I don't use Mysql, bug I know people who've given presentations using Kettle and MySQL and it would be strange that it wouldn't be supported. If you're sure raise a tracker at

    BTW No backport will happen to 2.3.0 anymore... latest version is 2.5.0


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    Default Re: problem gone

    posting the phenomene seems to cure it...

    I swear I spent hours on debugging - now it works.

    After 20 years in IT I stopped wondering about things like this...

    But to be sure I will step up to 2.5.0



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