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Thread: Inserting multiple rows with different field values

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    Question Inserting multiple rows with different field values


    I have a field in my transformation (f1) from which I want to create 4 separate rows in a database table.

    Each of the rows contains the field (f1) but the value is incremented by 1 for each of the 4 rows. Note order is not important although would be preferred.
    Output should look like

    row 1 => f1=34
    row 2 => f1=35
    row 3 => f1=36
    row 4 => f1=37

    Any pointers to the best way to achieve this, would be appreciated as I've tried a few things without success.



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    Have it generated by the database?


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    That's what I was planning to do - I just wondered if I should be using any of the constructs available within the transformation steps to accomplish the same task.

    From your answer it doesn't appear there is - so thanks for that.

    I'm just trying to discover how much of the proces I can do directly using the transformation steps and how much I leave to external entities like a database.

    Thanks again for your help


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    one way to do this is to use 'Generate Rows' to create the desired number of rows and feed these rows into , for example' 'Get Sequence value from database' and just use a transformation counter.

    Of course you could feed them into a javascript step to do a more complicated calculation.

    I combine multiple instances of this pattern with the cartesian product step to generate all combinations of key values for a multi-dimension key

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