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Thread: Get filenames, Env variable and Wildcard

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    Default Get filenames, Env variable and Wildcard


    I'm trying to generate a filename list with the Get Filenames module in Kettle 2.5.0.
    My logs repository has this structure:
     |  '--stat.ddMMyyy (many files)
     |  |--subfolder1
     |  |   '--stat.ddMMyyy (many files)
     |  `--subfolder2
     |      '--stat.ddMMyyy (many files)
        '--stat.ddMMyyy (many files)
    $STAT_LOGS_PATH is set as env variables ${STAT_LOGS_PATH} and paths from STAT_LOGS_PATH are stored in db (ex: "Folder1", "Folder2/subfolder1").
    I want to do 2 differents Kettle's job:
    The first one parse all logs from yesterday and is already done. It use javascript to generate filenames from $STAT_LOGS_PATH env variable and paths in DB. (see screenshot)

    The second one parse all logs in all folders.

    The first one is possible because there is no wildcards in filenames.
    My problem is with the second one because I can't generate filenames from Javascript and process the wildcards in Get Filenames.

    Is there another way to resolve each regular expression (one by path) as filenames? Is it possible to generate filenames with a regular expression list (a row = a regexp) ?

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    I would write a small script/batch job to put all filenames into a file and process those then by reading the filenames from the generated. Not nice, but effective.


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    Finally I manually entered each path + the wildcard stat.*.
    As it's a first time importer it doesn't matter if filelist is static.

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