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Thread: Admin Password Not Working

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    Default Admin Password Not Working

    Hi Folks,

    Apologies in advance as I have seen a couple of threads regarding this topic already. However, I have been unable to make good use of the feedback...

    I am using the Kettle 2.5.0 release. I am attempting to set up the repository but am stumped by an inability to login in as admin once the repository is created.

    The set up was fine, and connection to the appropriate database(postgres 8.2.1) no problem. The repository is created but when I attempt to login using user:admin password:admin I get the error 'incorrect username or password'.

    I think the password is the issue here, as I tested using a non-existent user and this yielded a different error.

    I have checked the r_user table and can see the two default users, guest and admin. The password simply does not work. I tried manually changing the password with an md5 hash, but this did not work - I guess you may be salting these before encrypting them. However, this may also be indicitative that there is bug which means the passwords are not referenced/inserted/queried as they should be.

    I noticed some mention of the data type in the r_user table being text instead of varchar. The defintion created by Kettle was varchar.

    I have also seen an old link to a different kettle.jar that supposedly fixed the issue but the link did not work and I cannot verify what version of the jar this was.

    Any feedback here would be most appreciated.



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    The default password of admin is admin... I would suggest to create a new repository in another schema or another test database and copy over the row containing the admin password.


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    Default admin password sorted

    Thanks for your reply sboden.

    I fixed this by installing the repository in mysql and then copying the hash across to the postgres version.



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