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Thread: Problem with Jasper/Microsoft SQL/Pentaho w/Variables

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    Default Problem with Jasper/Microsoft SQL/Pentaho w/Variables

    Hallo all,

    I am having a problem creating reports that accept string type variables; I am using Pentaho 1.2.1 Build 625 GA, iReport 2.0.0, and Microsoft SQL 2000.

    I can create reports that accept numerical values as parameters passed via the URL, but I'm at a loss as to how to make String parameters work.

    My working SQL Code looks like this:

    SELECT  Key, Make, Model, Year, Class
    FROM    dbo.Equipment
    WHERE Class like 'A51%'

    Notice that the string on the last line is enclosed by single quotes. This works fine in the Microsoft Query analyzer.

    Yet, when I go to create a report using iReport, it wants double quotes, which Microsoft SQL doesn't like, and if I put single quotes, it gets treated as a single character.

    Any ideas?


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    Hi Daniel,

    string parameters in SQL work like this:


    Hope that helps,

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