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Thread: Deploy Kettle on production (modify DB URL)

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    Default Deploy Kettle on production (modify DB URL)

    When I develop my kettle transformation on my Workstation, I use SSH tunnels with "custom" URLs for the various datasources.

    Now I like to deploy a job on the production server using Pan or Kitchen. The problem is that the URLs are different on the production server.

    What is the best pattern to solve this? Is there a way to setup a properties file with the URLs for the Databases on development and production?

    (Simple)JNDI could be a solution, but I think the following post mentions a bug that prohibits this...

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Edit or create the file on each machine.

    In this file you can define variables and values. Then use the variables in the connection settings (CTRL+SPACE in a filed such as Server host name to get the list - Restart Spoon after creating/editing, otherwise it won't refresh the list).

    If you run into problems search for or have a look at this thread:

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