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Thread: JPivot Reset Button

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    Default JPivot Reset Button

    I asked this on the JPivot forums on sourceforge, but that group seems to have very little traffic. Maybe someone here will know.

    How do I add a reset button to the toolbar in testpage.jsp? i.e. a button that will reset the current JPivot table to it's initial state.

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    there are a lot of ways to do this....

    One simple way:

    If http-param query exists, save the value into session scope.
    Extend the given toolbar with an imgbutton that links to testpage.jsp?query=[SavedQueryName].

    This solution is not very flexible. You could save the current mdx-query-string on each page-call into a list an create a Undo/Redo-function and on Reset, just reload the first element of the list....

    Hmpf... That's my offhanded ideas....

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