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Thread: How do you create a row with data from kettle variables

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    Default How do you create a row with data from kettle variables

    I hope i'm missing something.

    But I am trying to pass some variables to a transform via Carte and do not see any way to incorporate these variable values into a row so they can be treated as field values for substitution as jdbc paramters into a sql statement.

    Does anyone have a way i can pass a variable into a transform and have the value of a field be this value.

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    In 2.5 I seriously doubt the combination of carte and variables.


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    Why don't you add a static value to all rows you send to your slaves?
    I know this is a massive data overhead. Because every row has to know all your variables. But if you have only one or three variables this can be a dirty hack to send variables to a Carte Slave

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