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Thread: Is Optional, isn't optional

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    Default Is Optional, isn't optional

    I've used the eclipse system to modify a report and I've inserted some menu functions at the start using normal Secure filter functions.
    So my report looks something along the lines of
    Relational query to select the sales people from a table
    Select Name of Sales Person
    Select the Top Percent Ratio
    Select the Value to Measure the Above Against
    Relational query to select the accounts associated with the selected sales person
    Select additional accounts to add to the report.

    Now the funny thing is if I select the IS OPTIONAL tick box to make the last selection optional, which it is as I don't always want to add accounts to the report. But when the box is checked it always skips the last filter page and goes straight to the report. But unchecked it always shows the page like I'd want it to, but I have to select a value which I dont want.

    I am missing the obvious or is something wrong?



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    Still can't sort this.

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