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Thread: mondrian internationalization: where to store the

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    Default mondrian internationalization: where to store the

    Hello everbody!
    I have to internationalizate my mondrian schema.
    Like in the mondrian doc, I have put placeholders into my schema file like <Schema name="btm" measuresCaption="%{measures}">.
    Thereafter I have written a but I don't now where to store it. As an experiment, I have put them to the directory where the schema file is stored, but I get the placeholders displayed (e.g. "%{measures}" as the measures caption).
    I think it's the wrong place, where I stored the locale-file. What is the right directory or where can I declare the path of the locale-files?
    Thanks for help!

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    Hm, ok, I found the information 'bout the must of adding the mondrian.rolap.localePropFile-entry in (not in the mondrian documentation about internationalization ... unlovely).
    But it works only with an absolute path! I use mondrian within a jsp-webapp, so I want to use a path relative to the context-root. How can I do this?

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