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Thread: Error: No History Logging Details

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    For one of my project, i have integrated kettle with a web application. The basic aim was to add/execute transformations or jobs from web through a URL. Also asynchronous execution of transformations using JMS and quartz scheduling of transformations was sought.

    Now after completing all this, i am having a problem. I am storing all transformations or jobs in a database. After executing any transformation, i am not able to store and retrieve kettle history log details from my log table. Even logger is not showing any kind of error. I am correctly specifying the log table and log connection in a transformation. This is happening for synchronous execution of a transformation as well as for asychronous.

    So i am facing two problems -

    i) No logging of the execution or any other operation is done in application logger (I am using kettle LogWriter for it). Is it related to log4j problem where i cannot have two loggers?

    ii) No History log details are logged. No exception is shown in the logger.

    Any Clues??


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    No not really. But since you changed/embedded the code, you should also be able to debug it a bit.


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