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Thread: Need help ASAP with Kettle 2.5.1 installation & config problem :(

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    Default Need help ASAP with Kettle 2.5.1 installation & config problem :(

    Can someone tell me if their is a installation & configuration guide.I have downloaded kettle 2.5.1 & using MS SQL Server 2000. I am quite clueless if i need to sonfigure somthing after downloading the JRE.Coz ive downloaded JRE 1.5.0_05 & try to start spoon & try to create a new Repository .I get anerror when i try to connect to the database MS SQL 2000.Can someone suggest something to fix my problem or where i can find an installation/confirguration guide.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Kavitha,

    1- Install JRE
    2- Copy PDI files to folder and ...
    3- Launch (sppon.bat in windows, spoon.ssh in nix)

    Use the dialog to create a new connection and then a repository based to this connection.

    If you face pb, please report the error.

    PS: In docs folder (kettle install/docs) you will many docs.



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    Looking at your crosspost at

    You just don't have permission to connect (firewall, database rights, ...). Try whether you can access the database from where you run spoon using the tools of the database itself.


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