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Thread: Numerical Attribute Filter

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    Question Numerical Attribute Filter

    I have an employeed table with all the attribute of the employee, one of this attributes is the salary, when I try to use a filter in JPivot he showme the complete list of distinct values of de column, how can I define a filter like
    Salary < 10.000 ? or > or =,

    Can I do that through jpivot?,
    Can I do that through MDX?


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    MDX parameters are effective here. Define a parameter, say 'Minimum salary', and use it in a filter function to only show employees above that salary.

    There is an example of using parameters here:

    Another useful approach is to create a so-called 'bucketing dimension'. In this case it would be called 'Salary range', and its values might look like this:

    [Salary range]
        [0 to 10k]
       [10k to 20k]
    You can choose whichever bucket ranges make sense for your application. Assign the bucket value to a column in the employees table, and populate it during your etl process.


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