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Thread: MDX: Slicing on a set

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    Default MDX: Slicing on a set

    I have to specify a slicer for a mdx-query.
    I have a dimension with only one level.
    I have to slice a couple of members of that dimension but I don't know how.

    [dimension].[all level].[meber x],
    [dimension].[all level].[meber y]
    doesn't work.

    Also an "OR" instead of the comma doesn't work.
    Does anybody know the solution? It's really important....

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    as far as I was aware you can only slice on one dimension, otherwise you have to put it into the on row and on columns and utilise the .children .parent etc stuff



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    wgorman Guest

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    Default Thanks!

    Whoo ... relaxation ...
    Thanks to both of you!
    The link was really profitable for me!

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