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Thread: Problem when using NON EMPTY on columns

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    Question Problem when using NON EMPTY on columns

    I'm exeriencing an unexplained behavior in the version that I can't seem to reproduce with the Pentaho sample data. When I enter
    select NON EMPTY Crossjoin({[PostPd.FY].[FY 2007].[2006-08], [PostPd.FY].[FY 2008].[2007-08]}, {[Measures].[Charges], [Measures].[Count]}) ON COLUMNS,
    NON EMPTY Crossjoin(Hierarchize(Union({[FSC.FscCat2].[All FscCat2]}, [FSC.FscCat2].[All FscCat2].Children)), {[Rejection.Rejection].[All rejection]}) ON ROWS
    from [Rejections]
    where [Billing Office.Billing Office].[All billing office].[FPBO-Billing Office]
    I get a blank screen. If I remove the NON EMPTY for my columns it works fine. This schema works with no problem with prior Pentaho 1.6 releases which I believe is using mondrian 2.4.1 +. What is the best way get more detail about what might be happening? I know there was an overflow issue when using non empty that has been fixed but I'm not showing an error on my console. Anyway, it only happens with this particular schema thus far and I want more info about what is going on. So my question is what can I do to get more detailed debug info?


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    To enable sql tracing in Mondrian, edit the pentaho-solutions/system/mondrian/mondrian.xml file. To see regular Mondrian debugging messages, change the mondrian log setting in server/default/conf/jboss-log4j.xml file to DEBUG.

    RC2 is the first release with Mondrian 2.4.1, so this may be a valid issue. If you could replicate the issue using Mondrian's foodmart example, that would help the developers track down what the problem might be.

    Hope that helps!


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