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Thread: Cube Designer's Quick Start

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    Post Cube Designer's Quick Start


    This is a Cube Designer Quick Start guide for
    -Cube Designer v0.7.2.0
    -Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista Ultimate

    Purpose : running a sample with Cube Designer.

    Note : this is not a final guide, I will update it as soon as I think it needs to be.


    This guide use Pentaho-demo as Pentaho server for Cube Designer.

    A. Downlaod and Install Pentaho-demo

    0) download the last pentaho-demo e.g
    1) unzip it

    B.Download and Install Java Runtime Environment 1.5


    C. Get / Install / Configure Cube Designer

    C.I.Download the last Cube Designer

    1) download
    2) unzip it

    C.II.Create a shortcut for CubeDesigner.exe which will run with Java Runtime Environment 1.5.

    Go to your Cube Designer directory
    Right click CubeDesigner.exe
    Left click "Send to" and "Desktop (create shortcut)"
    Copy / Paste the shortcut to your Cube Designer installation folder
    Right cilck the shortcut.
    Left click "properties"
    Change the target with :
    "C:\pentaho\CubeDesigner\CubeDesigner.exe" -vm "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_11\bin\java.exe" -clean -ws win32
    C:\pentaho\CubeDesigner\ is my Cube Designer directory, yours may change.
    C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_11\ is my java 1.5 drectory, yours may change.

    C.III.Configure database connections

    Search for in the pentaho-demo directory
    e.g. ...\pentaho-demo\pentaho-solutions\system\simple-jndi\
    copy its content in the clipboard
    Run Cube Designer, Select File / New Cube Schema from the menu, and at the 1st step, close Cube Designer for a file to be created empty.
    search for in the cube designer folder, or in Cube Designer's shortcut folder.
    e.g. ...\CubeDesigner\resources\system\simple-jndi\
    paste the clipboard content in this file. Sample :
    # Copyright 2006 Pentaho Corporation.  All rights reserved. 
    # This software was developed by Pentaho Corporation and is provided under the terms 
    # of the Mozilla Public License, Version 1.1, or any later version. You may not use 
    # this file except in compliance with the license. If you need a copy of the license, 
    # please go to The Original Code is the Pentaho 
    # BI Platform.  The Initial Developer is Pentaho Corporation.
    # Software distributed under the Mozilla Public License is distributed on an "AS IS" 
    # basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or  implied. Please refer to 
    # the license for the specific language governing your rights and limitations.
    Now you will be able to connect Pentaho_demo sample data from Cube Designer.

    C.IV.Search for publisher_config.xml in the pentaho-demo folder

    e.g. ...\pentaho-demo\pentaho-solutions\system\publisher_config.xml

    C.V.Edit publisher_config.xml to add a password in it.

    Sample :
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
        This file must be configured before client tools
        will be able to publish onto the server. Publishing
        involves accepting a file (action sequence, xml document,
        anything) and placing it into the solution. This
        action should only be allowed if the tool is configured
        with a server/deployment specific password. The 
        RepositoryFilePublisher is now coded to expect an MD5
        hash of the password entered here before it will allow
        publish into the server.
        This is a critical security measure designed to prevent
        malicious actions from being published into your server.
        Please take care to make the password sufficiently
        difficult to guess. Also take care that the contents of
        this file are not generally available
    C.VII.Get the Cube Designer User Guide

    D. Nothing here, I'm just too lazy to update following titles numbers
    E. Nothing here, I'm just too lazy to update following titles numbers

    F.Run Cube Designer

    F.I. Before 1st screen
    0) if you ran Cube Designer, close it, that was only a section title 1) run start-pentaho.bat from the Pentaho Demo folder, click Ok if prompted for version checking
    2) wait for console message BI Server is ready (1 min 30 later)
    3) open a browser to http://localhost:8080/ to check it's running.
    4) run the shortcut to CubeDesigner.exe with jre1.5
    5) open Pentaho_Cube_Designer_User_Guide_0_7_0.pdf

    F.II.1st screen "Start Here"
    1) File / New
    2) Cube Name=CubeName NO SPACE IN THE NAME
    3) Cube Description=Cube Description
    4) Select SampleData
    5) Click Next

    F.III.2nd screen "Map Tables"
    1) select Tables in the right list
    2) select public in the left list
    3) select the tables like in the PDF p.10 :
    4) make the same links than in the doc, tick the same boxes + the ones which are highlighted in the doc p.10 :

    You should have ticked :




    -links :
    --orderfact.customernumber with customer_w_ter.customernumber
    --orderfact.time_id with time.time_id
    5) Click Next

    F.IV.3rd screen "Create Measures"
    1)select ORDERFACT in Fact Table
    2)select TOTALPRICE
    3)click ==>
    4)click next

    F.V.4th screen "Create Dimensions"
    0) select customer_w_ter.CUSTOMERNAME
    1) clic "Add New Dimension"
    2) name=Customer
    click "Ok"
    3) configure the dimension
    nameColumn=CUSTOMER_W_TER.CUSTOMERNAME (no change)
    uniqueMembers=false (no change)
    4) add the time dimension
    Select TIME.YEAR_ID in the list,
    Click Add New Dimension
    Select YEAR_ID in the right
    Select TIME.QTR_ID in the left
    Click ==>
    uniqueMember=false (no change)
    Select TIME.MONTH_ID in the left
    Click ==>
    UniqueMember=false (no change)
    6) click Next

    F.VI.5th screen "Final Steps"
    1) click View XML
    2) replace the last datatype="String" with datatype="Numeric" :
    i.e. replace
            <Measure name="SUM of ORDERFACT.TOTALPRICE" column="TOTALPRICE" aggregator="sum" datatype="String" formatString="Standard"/>
            <Measure name="SUM of ORDERFACT.TOTALPRICE" column="TOTALPRICE" aggregator="sum" datatype="Numeric" formatString="Standard"/>
    3) close
    4) click Publish
    5) publish location = /samples/analysis
    6) web publish url = http://localhost:8080/pentaho/RepositoryFilePublisher
    7) publish password = the one you put in the xml file (admin)
    8) depending on pentaho_demo version you use : v1.60.GA.863 server userid = joe ; v1.21.GA server userid = pentaho_user
    9) server password = password
    10) ok
    11) Finish (do not preview, Cube Designer is too old to be able to preview Cube when using Pentaho Server newer than v1.2)
    12) Save location=c:\mycubes\ for example
    13) save and close

    G.Verify the sample created
    0) refresh pentaho server with F5 when on http://localhost:8080
    2) click Navigate
    3) click Solutions
    4) click Sample Analysis (last line) / Exemples d'analyse
    5) click CubeName
    nb : If you see a space in the cube name, it won't work.

    If anyone has any problem to follow this guide, please tell me so that I update it.

    Hoping this helps,

    a+, =)
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    Default Changing Default port number


    I have configured the 'start-pentaho.bat' files as per your instruction and installed rest of the supporing file. When I run this bat file everthing is executing fine, but I could not browse and see the pentaho sever

    Url I tryed http://localhost:8080/ and http://localhost:8080/pentaho

    I belive that in the port 8080 I have configured for congons, so that its not working, Is there any way chage the default (8080) port number, please guide me to fix this problem.

    Error msg: Address already in use: JVM_Bind:8080

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    After googling:

    This is how port 8080 is changed on JBoss 4.

    1. Goto the deploy folder of the server instance you use.
    2. Goto the jbossweb-tomcat55.sar inside that deploy folder.
    3. Find the file named server.xml inside that folder. (tomcat service file).

    Look for the HTTP Connector section inside the server.xml where 8080 configuration is available. Change the port value to what ever the required port number.

    This change wiill be available when JBoss is restarted.
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    Pedro Alves
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    In pentaho-demo v1.6.0.GA.823 directory, there are 54 files with 8080 in them. Only 5 system xml files with 8080 as a port and uncommented :

    a+, =)

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    You guide is great my problem is that I can not publish the Cube designer report to the BI Server I am getting the error:

    "Your login failed verify your login and publish password and make sure Pentaho BI server is running".
    I changed my publish password under:
    Start-Pentaho.bat is running for mysql DB (pentaho_demo_mysql5-1.6.0.GA.863)
    I have tried Server UserID: joe / password or pentaho_user/password but still getting the same error

    Publish location is:/samples/analysis
    Web publish URL : http://localhost:8080/pentaho/RepositoryFilePublisher

    What am I doing wrong that is not allowing me to export Cube to BI server ?

    Thanks for your help

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    Quote Originally Posted by fabien Zanchi View Post
    (...)I changed my publish password under:
    Start-Pentaho.bat is running for mysql DB (pentaho_demo_mysql5-1.6.0.GA.863)
    I have tried Server UserID: joe / password or pentaho_user/password but still getting the same error(...)
    The name of the publisher_config.xml file you wrote is not valid, I guess that is a not actually the case. You seem to use pentaho-solutions instead of pentaho-demo.
    You may check twice that the file \pentaho-solutions\system\publisher_config.xml is ok.
    You may check if there is not case sensitivity problems (using 'A' in a password may not be the same that 'a').

    a+, =)

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    Merci Clement en effet j'avais modifie le mauvais fichier.

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    I managed to do the following form Cube Designer.

    12) Save location=c:\mycubes\ Pentaho
    13) save and close

    How can I view the exported report when I am in

    You mentioned in a previous post
    click Navigate
    click Solutions

    I can't seem to find Navigate or Solutions in


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    Please disregard my last post I have found where to go. My only issue is my report is not returning any data even thought there is some in the DB. I guess that is unrelated to my original query

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