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Thread: Enviroment variables. Persistency an Encryptation

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    Question Enviroment variables. Persistency an Encryptation

    Enviroment variables. Persistency and Encryptation

    Hi all:

    At this time, I'm working on Ascential DataStage ETL tool in my job. I am testing Pentaho Kettle ETL 2.5, in order to know if we can use this OpenSource tool in our BI process. In DataStage I can use enviroment variables in this way:
    - Persistency: This mean that i create an enviroment variable and this still exist when i close the application, and open again.
    - Encryptation: When a use enviroment variables to connect to a database, I can set the password variable as encrypted. By this way, nobody can know this value. This is very usefull, and really necessary on my job, since there are very restrictive security rules.

    It's possible to use enviroment variables in this way, or similar, on Pentaho Kettle ?...I read the documentation of kettle, and search in this forum, and i don't find anything about this.

    Best Regards.
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    - Persistency: use files... instant persistency.

    - Encryption: almost the same
    Both DataStage and Kettle passwords are "easily" reversible. With Kettle you have the source code, with Datastage it takes 15 minutes to figure out the algorithm So it's both obfuscation at best. Passwords are automatically encrypted in Kettle as well.
    You can also use variables in Kettle.


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    As you say, I read in the spoon user guide too. But I search this file in the path C:\Documents an Settings\user_name\.kettle\, and i can't find this file. Maybe i forget to do something before run the application.

    About "Passwords are automatically encrypted in Kettle as well",I don't understand . How I can especify that an enviroment variable is a password? I must to do something different whit this kind of parameters?

    Thanks in advance,

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    The file is not automatically created. More people have reported this, but it does work if you create it in the .kettle directory. Containing stuff like:


    If you save a password (without variables) it gets saved in an encrypted/obfuscated way. If you then use variables and you take the whole encryption as value it should work (a little bit cumbersome, but not too different from DataStage). Haven't tried this in the last few weeks.

    But don't rely too much on "encryption", if people really want to get the password both DataStage and Kettle only make it seem secure and they won't stop anyone from reading the unencrypted password

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    Thanks Sven ,

    I do that you say about kettle.porperties, and it work.

    About encrypted password, I did unterstand how I can use the encryptation for my job. I just need to create a new connection to a DDBB, and we we can use it any time, without need to know the password.


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