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Thread: Text File Input error when reading field that has line break

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    Default Text File Input error when reading field that has line break


    I'm using Kettle 2.5.1 (same issue also exists in 2.5.0) to migrate data from an operational data source to a data warehouse. As part of the environment setup, I'm unable directly connect to both the operational database and data warehouse at the same time so I'm using Kettle's text file input and output capabilities to transfer the data across. I've just recently run into the following problem where I have a source varchar field that contains linebreaks at times and while Kettle is able to export the data correctly, it doesn't seem to be able to import it correctly due to the line break because it thinks the row has ended as soon as it encounters the linebreak that is part of the varchar field. In the UI, there is a checkbox called "Allow breaks in enclosed fields?" but it is disabled so I'm unable to test whether that would fix my issue and allow me to load in the data or not.

    Attached is a sample transformation and text file to illustrate the problem.

    Thanks in advance for any/all help,

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