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Thread: launch kitchen with MySQL trigger???

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    Default launch kitchen with MySQL trigger???

    I have a MySQL 5 database with a table that receives records with a unique sequential key from a procedure beyond my control (an odbc insert).

    The insert volume is around 10 records per second but could peak at 100/sec or so. I need to run a job to process data near real time - I can live with 60 seconds + job run time latency.

    Is it practical to launch something with windows scheduler this frequently or should/can I use triggers (every 100th record)?

    I plan to use files to run control the concurrent jobs and mitigate the risk of running multple copies.


    Better yet, can a job call itself?
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    I doubt you can launch kitchen with a trigger. You can make a job that loops on its own, without having to restart it everytime:

    - Check for stop file, if there quit job, else continue
    - Run real processing functioanlity
    - (optionally sleep)
    - Back to the beginning

    To stop touch the file being checked, you can change the conditiion with times, ...


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    Default Thanks! I was ...

    ... suprised this works as well as it does - resource usage is minimal and I have continius integration!

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