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Thread: Out of memory error

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    Default Out of memory error

    I have a fairl simple transformation that performs a query (Database Input), performs some computations using JavaScript, and updates stores the output into a new table.

    Unfortunately, I am getting an out-of-memory error from this transformation. Could you please provide some insights on what I may do to debug or restructure this transformation. The data set could grow several times what I am currently using (approx 100K records).


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    "My care broke down, can you fix it" ... it's a similar request

    You need to give more information on your particular case (transformation, stacktrace, kettle version, ...), maybe you cache some data e.g. in the javascript step.

    To debug in general... If nothing blows up in the transformation, use preview to see what's happening. If it blows up as in your case, simplify the transformation until it doesn't cause the problem anymore.


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