Hi there,

We are relatively new to pentaho and we are trying to create a couple basic reports now with Pentaho.

A quick question about a generic folow of creating reports here.
I am now trying to create a basic pie chart that retrieves information from our company's mysql database based on user input fields.

I have been copy pasting the steel-wheel example in the PCI and changing the db, variable names and so on, but I feel that I am spending a lot of time working on the layout of the report (the xml files that define where how the output is arranged).

Is this the only way to create pie chart reports (by copy pasting samples and modifying to fit your company's data), or is there a more efficient way where we can somehow plug in our company's data and have the report generate themselves somewhat semi-automatically, reducing the amount of time spent in customizing a report.

If any one have experience in this or can point me to good sites that will be really helpful

Many thanks,