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    Hi, I'd like to take data from a file, to transform it and to write it in an other file. Is it possible to have the same header and footer in my new file that I have in the first file?

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    Probably not in an easy way, depends on what you exactly mean.

    Kettle is a kind of hub-and-spoke tool... everything on input side is transformed to rows, other steps transform data and the output transforms rows to database rows, files, ...

    So if you "skip" the header and footer in the input step (which you probably do), you will never get them at the output side in an easy way.

    Ways around it:
    - cut your header and footer off the file, make the data with Kettle and run e.g. a shell job entry to concatenate them together to 1 output file.
    - ... other dirty tricks.


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