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Thread: CorruptedCompressedFile - Outlook Email

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    Default CorruptedCompressedFile - Outlook Email

    I have an ETL process that sends an Excel file created by Kettle as an attachment. However some recipients outlook is rejecting the email with Virus Error:


    The original contents of this file have been replaced with
    this message because of its characteristics.
    File name: "hotalert.xls"
    Virus name: "CorruptedCompressedFile"

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    screwy virusscanner... ... do all people have it? Or maybe the system on which kettle runs, or the target system is really infected with something.


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    There is no virus we have scanned it well, only a client user is receiving this. MSFT has this to say:

    When a corrupted compressed file is detected, Antigen will report it as a “CorruptedCompressedFile” virus. This setting is "On" by default. Files identified as corrupted will be quarantined. If you do not wish to quarantine these files, you may create a new registry key setting named QuarantineCorruptedCompressedFiles to override quarantining

    I bet you MSFT marks files created by anything other than their technology as Corrupt!

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    99% sure it just that particular client(s) email scanners. If you are zipping the file, I've experience customers who do not accept ANY zipped (i.e. compressed) files regardless of the contents of the zip (particularly if it is password protected).

    No worries, doesn't sound like anything wrong with Kettle, just dealing with the customer resources :-)

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