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Thread: Dimension Lookup/Update and Merge Rows best practices

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    Default Dimension Lookup/Update and Merge Rows best practices

    Hello to Matt and to all:

    I want to sample a slowly changing dimension and create new versions of rows, only for those rows that have changed. Some columns could be unimportant timestamps, which are always different and should not generate a new version, but most columns are important data which should cause a new version to be created.

    Should the unimportant columns be marked "Update" under "Type of dimension update" and the important columns be marked "Insert"? Or do I need to use some sort of "Merge Rows" step to filter the identical rows?

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    The "dimension update" step typically handles both the insert as the update scenario.
    The trick typically is to limit the volume of rows you send to the step.

    If only 1% of the rows in your input system change, you can use the "Merge Rows" step to make the difference between 2 snapshots of a table. (or any other data source).
    Filtering out the unchanged rows saves you from looking up the other 99% of the rows since these are going to be discarded later anyway.


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