Hi All,

FYI - I have been using the SQLite database & have noticed that when performing complex queries there is a substantial performance difference between the cross platform JDBC library (included with PDI) and the native (win32) library. In my test query below a query time of ~1min reduced to ~5 sec when the native library was used.

It is easy enough to customise PDI to use the native JDBC library, simply:
- copy the native jdbc library into \Kettle\libext\JDBC\. Can be downloaded here: http://www.zentus.com/sqlitejdbc/
- remove the one shipped with PDI, and
- copy the windows .dll into \libswt\win32\

Hope this helps others,

Example query, main table ~5000 rows:
f.A As Facilities
, f.B As Locations
, ReferenceTime As ReferenceTimeStr
, 'Month' As PeriodType
, 'Manufacturing' As LaborType
, ManfHours
, NonManfHours
, ContOrTempHours
ActualHours h
LEFT OUTER JOIN FileDetails e ON h.fullname = e.fullname
LEFT OUTER JOIN FacilityAttributes f ON e.filekey = f.filekey
e.fullname IN
(SELECT fullname from FileDetails WHERE processjobtime = '${jobstarttime}'
OR fullname = 'test.xls'