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Thread: Allow Breaks In Enclodes Fields

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    Default Allow Breaks In Enclodes Fields


    I'm new to PDI and I try to integrate several etl jobs using spoon. During loading a file I get an error, because there is a line break in a field. I need to allow line breaks, but the option (in a file-Input, tab content) ALLOW BREAKS IN ENCLODES FIELDS is allways disabled.
    What can I do?

    Any tips?

    Thank you for your help!


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    It was unpractical to write this in the "Text File Input" step. This step was already far too complex to maintain.

    We do however support breaks in the new "CSV Input" step. You can find this step in version 3.0.0-M1 or later.

    "CSV Input" has the added advantage of being a lot faster. (if you have fast disks that is)


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    Default ...but no encoding

    now i have nearly the same problem,...

    yes, the csv is much faster, but i can't select the encoding...
    I have a csv-file thats encoded as utf-8. when i open it with the csv-step, i can import it, but there are wrong characters...
    if i use the text file step with encoding "utf-8", i will get errors, because of the breaks within enclosures...

    any tips what to do ?

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    Always the same advice: add a feature request in JIRA. This one should be easy to implement. I'm surprised it lasted this long for the CSV Input step.

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