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Thread: Using Sub-Transformations

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    Question Using Sub-Transformations

    Let me first explain my use case:

    I have same data coming in various forms - CSV files, XML or DB Input. After some pre-processing data from all the three types of input are same and undergo similar transformations. So, I am trying to create a common reusable sub-transformation that can be reused in all the three scenario.

    I tried to use Mapping (Sub-Transformation) but couldn't make it work. Basically I couldn't figure out how it works.
    How to join sub-transformation into a main transformation? How can a sub-transformation take a input from another transformation and how can it pass on row to another transformation?

    This is how I am trying to do. Here is how my main and sub-transformation looks like

    Sub-transformation Sub-T0: Table Input --> Select Values -->Mapping Output Specification
    Main Transformation:
    Sub-T0 --> Step 1 -->Step 2 ----

    Any examples/pointers/suggestions will be great...

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    Default Problem using Mapping (sub-transformation)

    I am trying to use a sub-transformation in my main transformation. I am not able to get rows from mapping step into my main transformation. Help Please....

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