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Thread: Splitting a column into multiple columns

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    Default Splitting a column into multiple columns

    I have some data from our ERP in a tab separated file. I need to split one column from this file into multiple columns. Column data to be splitted are separated by commas like this:

    Each value should go to separate colums in the table. The destination column depends on the type of value, which is defined in a separate table:
    TypeCode DataCode
    T1 A
    T2 B
    T3 C
    T3 D
    T2 E
    So the 2 column lines above "A,B,C" and "D,E" should be put into table as follows:
    T1_Values T2_values T3_Values
    A B C
    E D

    Types and values are text fields. Is it possible to do that in Kettle?

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    No.... not without fidgeting.

    You seem to want to process some proprietary format where you define your own semantics... and unfortunately this is hard to process.


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