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Thread: parameter usage in Execute SQL Script

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    Default parameter usage in Execute SQL Script

    i define:

    select (t2.datum - t1.datum) into return
    from d_date t1,
    d_date t2
    where t1.datum_id = t2.datum_id
    and t1.datum = datetime_created
    and t2.datum = dt_afgesloten;

    where datetime_created and dt_afgesloten are to parameters that are defined and are incoming in the expression. I also have enabled the "Execute for each row" option. Still this returns in a error. it says:

    unknown column 'datetime_created' in where clause

    how do i use the parameters in a query?

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    Use ?'s ... the arguments are positional not by name... and note that the sql step replacement the ?'s on it's own... so they're not "officially" parameter markers.


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    you are so right! thanks for the help

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