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Thread: JavaScript - FileInputStream issue

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    Question JavaScript - FileInputStream issue

    Hi Sven,

    I used the code from Kettle tip library for file handling. Here's your code which I have used

    file = new;
    fileInputStream = new;
    var content =;, 0, file.length);

    When I compile the code in JavaScript step, the following error is thrown - Wrapped exception.

    As in the above code, I want to pass the filename as the parameter for FileInputStream.

    Can you please help me with 2 things -

    1) How to handle the Wrapped exception error?
    2) How to pass filename as parameter in the above code?

    Thanks much for your time,


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    No idea what 1) is, but it probably has got to do with 2
    For 2, in the example it was assumed that filename was a field in the incoming row.


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