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Thread: Kettle Variables are not setting properly

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    Default Kettle Variables are not setting properly


    I have integrated kettle API in a j2EE web application to add/execute the transformations or jobs through web. The web application can execute a transformation/job synchronously as well as asynchronously. I am using ActiveMQ JMS messaging with Jboss server to execute the transformations/jobs asynchronously.

    The problem is that when i am executing the transformation or job asynchronously through web application (Jboss server + ActiveMQ JMS) then the kettle internal variables are not properly set and the execution fails.

    But when i am running the same transformation/job asynchronously through a junit test case in the my core project (with ActiveMQ JMS), then the kettle variables are set properly.

    I wonder where i am wrong? I am using following code to set kettle variables -

    LocalVariables variables = LocalVariables.getInstance();
    variables.createKettleVariables(Thread.currentThread().getName(), null, false);

    if (absFilePath != null && absFilePath.length() > 0)


    Where absFilePath is the absolute file path of kjb or ktr file. I feel that i am stuck in some threading concept. Please help!!

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    I'm afraid that's more or less a known problem. It should be fixed in 3.0


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    Just wanted to mention that while running the transformation/job asychronously through Jboss web application, all kettle internal file path variables are blank (they should point to actual path values).

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    Thanks Sven for the reply!!

    This means that i cannot execute the job asynchronously for the time being from web .

    Anywayz i will wait for 3.0 version for it.

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