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Thread: Variable number of parameters

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    Default Variable number of parameters

    Hi,Please consider my usecase(They will never get over..We have 19...).

    Input to kettle are,

    Variable number of rows but fix number of columns,as array or as list.


    doKettle(1,bush,false@2,osama,true@ , 2)
    (@ separate data row , separate data column)
    2 specify thr are 2 rows.

    But the number of elements are variable,though they can be determined while passing to kettle.2 can be 3 or any thing.

    Now I want a file to be generated, which have separation of fields like,

    id name status
    1 bush true
    2 osama false

    How can I..

    I have done some thing like,

    Get Variable step: It has empGroup array(string type)
    Java Script: I can have variables.

    Then i can split array based on @.

    Here trouble comes.I have to declare each variables.Where as they are dynamic..more so ever..i have to declare each in JAVA Script tabs.Other wise they will loose their scope in next step.

    How to overcome that?

    I m using kettle 2.5 . N i dont mind to use Kettle 3.0 (if it runs on my machine).May be I m missing very small thing...small n silly....The same thing we are doing for more then 4 use cases...So I m facing really critical problem.Please help me out...

    Thanx in advance...
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    Atleast guide me for a small point,

    How can I map ,the fields in the file?

    the stream produced by a javascript tab is,

    Which i redirect to file.I want that file gettting generated shd diffrentiate these all separator..

    1 bush false
    2 osama true

    & @ shd be replaced by carriage reurn \n.

    How can I do that?How Can I use "Select values" tab?

    Your reply will definitely require your valuable time, But We really need that..

    We appreciate the initiative taken by Pentaho ,by giving us such versatile Open source technology.
    I must appreciate your efforts towards helping us to use this open source tool…

    Your solution are really supporting that initiative:-)
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