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    Default Platform Testing Tools

    Now, first, I'm not endorsing either of these, simply sharing some information as I've been trying them out.

    These are Application...monitor/profiler/tracer/whatever term you want to use. But the key is full-application, from the web-side down to the database side. Not sure if Pentaho already has something like this or not, so sharing: - ASF - LGPL

    Key point: Both of these are AOP-based approaches, without requiring code-changes, but may require some new configuration files and related libraries.

    My opinions:
    The glassbox is the easier to install and prettier, but doesn't seem to provide sufficient detail information.

    Infrared is more challenging to setup, but not show-stopping, if you follow the directions. It gives sufficient detail, but could give more information in a better organized fashion.

    Neither do memory-tracing that well, but they do handle time/performance metrics across the ENTIRE stack (i.e. clicking the 'submit' button and coming back took 10 sec, but 9 sec was database kind of stuff), and also seems to handle CPU metrics.

    I'm no expert in either of these, just trying them out for Application monitoring/performance. Since Pentaho has similar (well, more complicated) application stack they may make use of these tools.

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    dmoran Guest


    Thanks for the heads up. We are focusing on testing over the next few months and this is timly. Let me know how it works for you too. It looks like the InfraRED project is stalled - no updates since March 2006.


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