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Thread: Adding derived measures

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    Default Adding derived measures


    How can we add derived measures to a cube in cube designer?
    That is I have a numeric column and I want to get the sum of that column for each country .This is simple group by.So now I would like to add a column which shows the number rows (count) used in each group.
    How can we do this?


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    In C.D., when you create a measure, select the fact table, then your "numeric column" and throw on the right of the screen. Then select the SUM aggregator and finish. You need the COUNT aggregator for the same attribute : C.D. can't do this because once an attribute has been selected for a measure it is not avalaible anymore. You should edit the .mondrian.xml file and copy paste the measure line, then replace in this line SUM by COUNT.

    a+, =)

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