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Thread: Issue on Prompt/Secure Filter: “Text Box” prompt style

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    Default Issue on Prompt/Secure Filter: “Text Box” prompt style

    First, sorry for my poor English.

    I have defined a “text box” prompt for a string input.

    At runtime, Pentaho generate a (html) “<input type=”text”>. My wish is a “<textarea>” field.

    Is it possible ?

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    rhasija Guest


    I think so. Please look at custom-parameter-page-example.xaction.

    We have a CustomReportParameter.xsl defined for the Prompt for Region, Dept and Output.

    Hope that helps.

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    Hi Ravi,

    How to generate a report when no parameters are passed through parameter screen?


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    I am not sure if I understood your question...
    Are you meaning to create a report that does not receive any parameters?

    If that is the case, take a look at the PCI file: /samples/reporting/JFree_Quad.xaction

    1. Create your data (Get Data From in Design Studio)
    2. Add the report, define the report data source.


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    I’m not an xsl expert but I have discovered the world of html templates following the example on files samples\reporting\custom-parameter-page-example2.xaction and samples\reporting\parameter_template.html.


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