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Thread: Seeking help while creating loop between transformation and Job

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    Default Seeking help while creating loop between transformation and Job

    Hi Renu,

    You can do this by reading the list and sending it to the "Copy rows to result" step.
    The result of the transformation then contains the e-mail addresses.
    You put this in a first transformation of a job.
    The next job entry is a job in which you check the option "Execute for every input row?".
    This in effect creates the loop. That job gets executed N times, each time with 1 input row. As such you can create 2 job entries in the sub-job: a transformation to set the EMAIL variable (Get rows from result --> Set
    variable) and a Mail Job entry after that one to send the e-mail.

    All the best,


    On Monday 01 October 2007 10:02:45 Renu Damor wrote:
    > Hi Matt,
    > I am using Kettle 2.5.1. I want to automate process of sending
    > notification to set of customers whose records are stored in database.
    > I want to fetch one email address from this list (Using
    > Transformations) at a time and then send an email (Using Job) on email
    > address from record. Next step is to fetch another email address till
    > list exhausts. I have following two
    > issues:-
    > 1. How can I create this loop between Job and Transformation?
    > 2. How can I achieve communication between Transformation and Job
    > element objective without using environment variables?
    > I will appreciate your guidance on these topics.
    > Regards,
    > Renu
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