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Thread: Oracle Parameter 'setFloatAndDoubleUseBinary'

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    Default Oracle Parameter 'setFloatAndDoubleUseBinary'


    I have a problem importing data into an Oracle 8 database with KETTLE 2.4. For one of a couple Number(13,2) fields the double value is set to the Prepared Statement properly, but saved to the database with irregular bytes.
    I asked Oracle support for help and they asked me if the Oracle Parameter 'setFloatAndDoubleUseBinary' is set to true:

    1. There is a connection property called SETFLOATANDDOUBLEUSEBINARY. When this property is set to true, setDouble will convert to canonical values. Can you check if your code has this property set?

    I searched for it but without success, does anybody know if this parameter is touched at any place within Kettle-Transformations?

    Thanks in advance

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    setFloatAndDoubleUseBinary is not touched as far as I know. As little as possible database specific code is used.

    First try version 2.5.1 of Kettle. If that fails replace your output by a text output step and check the data that you try to load to oracle.


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