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Thread: Exporting documentation or screenshot

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    Lightbulb Exporting documentation or screenshot

    Hello people,

    I would like to contribute with a idea about documentation of ETL processes to clients. (it's not about documentation to Kettle developers). Is possible to export the transformation /jobs to HTML format (or another) in order to make available a documentation about ETL ? I imagined the HTML format because there are links with Jobs and Transformations (details about Jobs and Transformation).
    I think that new resource (together with notes) may be useful to delivery of project. What do you think?


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    +1 here

    May want to add something about database structures used in the ETL process as well, so DBA's impacted by an ETL project have something to look at to be informed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dhiogo View Post
    Exporting (...) screenshot
    You do this with Ctrl + Alt + I.

    For Job and Transformation browsing I would suggest to make a right clic on a job-step-into-a-job then click "Load Chief" (first row) to open the job.
    Same thing for a transformation : right click, then "View this transformation" (first row).

    For presentation purpose, as PDI is standalone (under Windows, don't know much about linux), you could use a USB-stick with Kettle on it to make your show.

    For clients documentation without presenter, you're right, there might lack something like a Flash presentation of Kettle capabilities.

    a+, =)

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    Default Related thread on kettle documentation

    Hi, I posted a related thread on documentation using xslt.

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