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Thread: About an ODBC connection

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    Default About an ODBC connection

    Dear all~

    I have a question about performance in using an ODBC connection to treat the source data. Problem descriptions are as follows:

    Test Server: SQL Server 2000
    Test DBName: ETLTest
    Name of ODBC Connection to Test DB: ETL_TEST
    Name of Source Table in Test DB: Source
    Name of Target Table in Test DB: Destination
    Number of rows: 100000 rows
    Rule: Copy data from Source to Destination (ten fields to ten fields mapping)

    I find that the speed of treating data is quite slower than using JDBC. Actually, I test the same scenario by using Data Integrator(DI) from BO, Its speed is two times faster than Kettle.

    If I must use ODBC rather than JDBC to treat data, how can I speed up my performance?
    And another big thing that I care is why using ODBC is slower than JDBC in Kettle? The key point resulting in bad performance is that the process of writing data into database by using ODBC, is that correct??

    Expect to Receive Your Response!!

    Best Regards,

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    Hi Jef,

    ODBC is slow by itself, but there is a an ODBC-JDBC bridge involved as well that drags it down a bit. For performance it's always best to use JDBC.
    Also give 3.0.0-RC1 a try. I hope you'll find that performance is a lot better in that release.

    All the best,


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