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Thread: password protected network location unreachable

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    Post password protected network location unreachable


    In Windows XP, there are "network drives" which are represented by drive letters under the "Computer" (Poste de Travail in french) place.
    This way you can use network shares.
    The first time you access one of these network drives, you should provide a password (if it has been password protected of course).
    In Kettle v2.5.1.GA if you use any of the "input from file" steps (e.g. the "input from Xbase" one), and if the source file is on a network drive which has not been yet accessed, you'll have a "file not found" error.
    The workaround is to access the network drive one time with the file explorer to provide the password.
    Is there a way to provide the network drives password into PDI ?

    a+, =)

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    What about creating a job that calls a shell script which handles the connection to the network drive?

    When using Windows, you could use something like "net use" to handle your network connections, including usernames and passwords.

    You could even store all your relevant data (username, passwort, server, local drive name, etc.) in kettle variables and pass the content of these variables as arguments to the shell script...


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