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Thread: Exception of initialisation?

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    Default Exception of initialisation?

    Hi, all!
    Why afte EnvUtil.environmentInit();
    i have the exception :
    Stream not found for filename [/build_version.txt], looking for it on the normal filesystem...
    Unable to load revision number from file : [build_version.txt] : .\build_version.txt (Не удается найти указанный файл) .\build_version.txt (Не удается найти указанный файл)
    at Method)

    But, my program is work....

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    It's no problem. If you build your own stuff it can happen that you don't have build_version.txt in kettle.jar or in the startup directory.
    In that case, by default, the revision number will be set to 1 I think.


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    I must create this file independently and to place java root pakage?
    How i must write version, simply 1 or write special tag?

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