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Thread: 3.0.0RC1: PostgreSQL Table Input: Always 0 rows

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    Default 3.0.0RC1: PostgreSQL Table Input: Always 0 rows

    I installed 3.0.0RC1 and set a connection to my PostgreSQL DB. The connection tested OK. I then tried to setup a Table Input to a table that has 500K rows. I can select all these rows in other tools. In Spoon I can display the layout of this table and it is correct but when I try to preview the first 100 rows it always comes back and says "0 rows". I've double-checked the user/pw and everything is correct.

    Any suggestions on getting access to the data in this table?

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    Nevermind. I loaded a fresh set of data and got bit by the dreaded PostgreSQL, ERROR: date/time field value out of range: "0000-00-00" and so the transaction did not commit.

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